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Hubert H. Cheng


Corporate Transactions | Global Technology Agreements | Contract Management | Intellectual Property Transactions
Software Development | Software Licensing | SAAS | Marketing | Corporate Governance | Risk Management | Problem Solver

Accomplished corporate counsel with extensive experience managing a broad spectrum of legal affairs and directing global transactions on behalf of leading technology companies.

Scope of experience includes complex corporate technology transactions, commercial agreements, software licensing, SAAS, and professional services, marketing and partner programs, and customer-oriented problem-solving. Possesses a deep understanding of the software industry including software development, licensing, distribution, consulting services, and technical support. Effective negotiator with keen business sense, with the ability to think strategically and find creative business-oriented solution to legal issues, balancing legal risks against business objectives in complex and ambiguous situations.


CEO & Principal Consultant, GeogrifyCreator of Microsoft’s “Geopolitical Strategy” team, and former Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

“When I had the privilege to work with Hubert during our time at Microsoft, one of the things I valued most in his professional approach was not only his willingness to listen intently to all sides of an issue, but also his ability to fully grasp those perspectives and formulate an appropriate strategy in response. This wasn’t the norm for many of the people with whom I worked, particularly in the legal profession. As per my job function, I was raising serious concerns about geopolitical and cultural risks that had the potential to greatly undermine the company. But people were not always apt to listen to the expertise of a geopolitical strategist working within a tech company. But they’ll listen to a lawyer. And as such, Hubert became a tremendous ally to me in helping the business succeed in an area that was fraught with challenges and pitfalls. In the end, much of my own success in managing such issues must be framed around the support I had on my side, and Hubert’s skills and perspective were integral to that success.”

Hubert Cheng

Hubert Cheng